Why UAEportfolio.com?

UAEportfolio.com is an online portfolio community for companies and people in the UAE. It is designed as a local business search engine, where anyone can find all details about listed companies or skilled professionals from specific localities in Dubai. UAE portfolio.com is designed with 4 main sections as mentioned below.

  • 1, Jobs Listing

We have Jobs Section where recruiters or job applicants can post job requirements in various categories for free. It is user-friendly where users can apply for any job with just one click. Each application and listing can be linked with their portfolio pages so recruiters can easily see important information about them including their social media links. Each applicant’s portfolio pages are designed in an organized format which makes the recruiter’s job easy. Most importantly, our jobs section allows freelancers and interns to stand out in this community by getting better opportunities.  UAE Portfolio helps you to automatically view job alerts related to your chosen category.

  • 2, Business Portfolio

The business portfolio is for companies to create their company credential online with customized URL address (www.uaeportfolio.com/Your company name) inside its website. Here they can showcase their products or services and get maximum visibility in this region. It helps companies make brand awareness to attract more customers. We provide options for companies to list all details about them including unlimited photo and video gallery options.

  • 3, Personal Portfolio

The personal portfolio is designed for people to create their online CV with custom URL link as an online reassume. This links they can share with any companies with one click.  In the user portfolio, they can include unlimited text content, images, and videos for free. It’s a chance for people to showcase their skills online and get discovered by many professional firms. This way user portfolio gets viewed or companies download CV from there page. It helps skilled candidates to get better currier achievement. Within UAE portfolio, users can follow other members and maintain network if they admire.

  • 4, Discussion

Our Discussion section helps anyone who has questions or knowledge to share in our local community. Here you can get the best advice or answer about any topic. It helps expats to understand this society and explore the city.