1 . How do I create my Portfolio?

You just need to register first. After registration, you will have a user account in UAEportfolio.com. You can only create your portfolio in UAEportfolio.com when you sign up. After signing you can choose portfolio settings from your menu and follow the easy steps in filling in the details about you or your company.

2 . Why do I need to sign up or Register?

You can only Create portfolio or post ads, reply for ads on UAEportfolio.com when you sign up.

3 . How do I place a Job Listing?

Placing a job listing in UAEportfolio.com is very easy. You need to register first to have a user account in UAEportfolio.com and follow the steps below:


1.  In Jobs Section, click ‘Post an Ad’.

2.  Fill in the details about your ad.

3.  Click ‘Submit.’

4.  You can maintain your job listings through ‘My Ads’.

4 . Will my personal details be kept private?

Yes, all of the personal details that you give to UAEportfolio.com will be kept private unless you choose to disclose them.  Once you have created your UAEportfolio.com account, you can always adjust the information you choose to display by going to your profile and clicking on the "Profile settings" button.

5 . How many job listings am I allowed to post and how much does it cost?

UAEportfolio.com offers you unlimited FREE posting of job listings as long as you are not repeating the same ad every day. You can also include graphic images in our gallery to boost your ads.

6 . How many Portfolio account is allowed to create and how much does it cost?

You are only allowed to create one account using one email id. There is no charge or hidden cost for creating an account and portfolio in UAEportfolio.com. BUT if you upgrade your account, we will cost you a small amount. 

7 . How many images and videos can I upload in my Portfolio account?

UAEportfolio.com offers you unlimited space for uploading images or videos.

8 . How can I Upgrade my Membership?

At the bottom part of UAEportfolio.com website you can find Upgrade Membership button. Just click the button and fill the form then our customer service team will contact you ASAP.

9 . How can I edit my Profile and Portfolio settings?

To edit your profile, you need to make sure that you are logged in in your UAEportfolio.com. Click on the "account settings" link that appears at the top menu of the website, and this will take you to your Profile Settings.  From the Profile settings page you can edit all of the information in your profile. 

10 . How can I edit/delete my ads?

You can edit/delete any of your ads from “Manage My Ad” section. To visit your " Manage My Ad " page, please make sure that you are logged into your account, and click on the " Manage my ad " link that appears at the top menu of the website. Inside your ‘Manage My Ad’ page you will see your list of ads in category wise. You can edit your ad here by clicking the "Edit Selected Ad" link that appears on top of your ads.  To delete your ad, you can click on the check box at the left of each ad, and then click the "Delete Selected ads" button that appears above the listings.

11 . How can I delete/deactivate my account?

Click on "Account Settings", then click on the "Delete Account" tab. Click on the "Delete" button and select the reason for deactivation then click "Proceed". Your account will be deactivated, however, you will always have the option to activate your account by logging in using your existing username and password.

12 . How can I update my profile photo and information?

On your ‘Profile Page’, place your mouse cursor over your profile photo and then “Upload photo” option will be visible. Click it to upload a new photo. You can also update your personal details and other information in the same page.

13 . How do I stop receiving emails?

In each email, there will be a ‘Unsubscribe’ button. Just click it to stop receiving newsletters.

14 . How can I commercially advertise in uaeportfolio.com?

You can send us an email at info@uaeportfolio.com or you can also contact us by clicking ‘Advertisement With Us’ button.

15 . How do I change the password on my uaeportfolio.com account?

You can change your account password from Account Settings page.  To access your Account Settings page, make sure that you are signed in in your UAEportfolio.com account, from this page you can change your password.

16 . How can I change the email on my account?

This can be done from yourAccount Settings page.  Click on your Account Settings link at the top menu of the web page then click fill in a new email address from ‘change the email address’ option. After changing it simply click "Save".

17 . How can I re-post my Ads?

For users to easily post the same ad in our website, in My Ads section you will find "edit selected ad" button that can help you re-post the same ad. It will be placed as a ‘new ad’.

18 . How long does my ad stay on the website?

Your ad will stay in our site until you delete it or after 30 days from the day that you posted it.

19 . When I try to sign in, it says this password is not correct.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request for a new password by clicking "Forgot Password". We will send a link to your personal mail box. Through that link you can reset your password.  You can change it later when you logged in.

20 . How can I contact uaeportfolio.com team?

You can contact us through the form available on the 'Contact Us' form on the website. Or you can send a mail to info@uaeportfolio.com.

21 . Can't find what you're looking for in this FAQ page?

Submit an inquiry to our team and we will ensure that you’ll get a response, usually within 48 hours.