All our booths are social media integrated. Booth shape may be modified depending on your requirements.

1. Slim Booth
Slim Booth is a high standard corporate design booth that is suitable for any occasion. It is the one and only slim photo booth in UAE that comes with different colours of LED light. Its sides’ colour changes to catch attention. LED light colours can be set according to your logo, client’s logo or event’s theme. It’s a high quality white gloss paint finish that can be branded with removable sticker.

2. Roaming Booth
Our roaming booth is one of the trendiest booth in the market. Your guests don’t need to go to the booth, our booth will go to them instead. A camera man will go around the event area with a camera connected to a portable screen. Captured images will be automatically shown on screen. Guests may share their photos in social media or send them to personal emails.

3. Instagram Booth
It’s our specially designed booth inspired by Instagram logo. Almost everyone knows Instagram so due to its popularity, your guests will surely try this booth as a funky way to take photos.

4. Big Booth
Big booth is a 42” wide-screen LCD booth that can easily grab people’s attention because of its huge size. Camera may be placed on the left and right side of the booth. Front side of the booth can be used for branding.

Who we are
FunBooth Dubai is founded through passion in photography and technology. Whether photo booth or photography we do it in a fun way. We always utilize all available technology to deliver our best output.
It works in 3 easy steps:
1. Pick some props.
To create more FUNforgettable experience, pick some funky props.
2. Touch to start and strike a pose.
It works like your phone! Just touch the screen to capture your special moment.
3. Take a snap & share it.
Share your captured image to social media or print it as a lifelong memorabilia.


FunBooth is a photo booth where you can share customized images and videos in social media. We only use industries’ leading high quality Canon 5D Mark-III for photo booth and photography. Introducing a variety of social media photo booths designed to make FUNforgettable experience. The only photo booth in the UAE that uses high-end 5D Mark III camera.

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